My friend Tommi from Finland is on his annual
visit to our fair isle and this time he brought
his dad Kunto with him. It's Kunto's second
visit to the UK, he's been once
before with his wife.

We've wanted a shed for a while as the conservatory
is jam packed with all sorts of stuff that should
really have a home in garden so we thought
we'll put the boys holiday to a good use.

Mr S ordered the shed from a local supplier
in Mitcham. It came in ready made panels
including all the bits and pieces (slabs to
go underneath, screws etc.) so all we
had to do was to prepare the
ground and stick it up.

It took less than 5 hours and the lads
managed to pop to the pub to
watch the footie in the middle
of it all as well!

Please click on the image
to view a larger version.

PS: The photo bottom right: of course it didn't go
like it does in the movies and the second window
went ping! and split in half. The new one is
only £3 so no great shakes but it would've
been nice to finish it in one go!

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