Check out these amazing images by
photographer Hugh Turvey.

They say beauty is only skin deep - but 39-year-old
Hugh's x-rays of flowers show they are captivating
through and through. He first used X-rays in
1996 to photograph a human skull as a favour
to a musician friend who needed an image for
an album cover and has since used the
technique to produce a series of coloured
x-rays of everyday objects.

He's been fascinated with getting underneath
the surface of things since childhood. "It's about
discovering the world around us. As a kid
I would take things apart to see what
was inside and how they worked."

"I have an insane curiosity for how things work.
X-ray gives me a way to get that insight and
turn it into art.
The fun is in the discovery of
this character hidden in sometimes
the most unlikely places."

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