Otherwise an ordinary Wednesday turned
into a nice surprise: I was most delighted
to hear that for my birthday KB has kindly
booked us on a Eurostar trip to Paris!

My birthday is in the beginning of November
but due to work and other commitments we're
going on the 26th. We arrive early Friday
morning, one night over there and
back Saturday evening.

I've been there before as a teenager so this time
I'm looking forward to an adult trip where I
can sample the local le vin blanc. And
another new thing will be the train,
never been in the channel
tunnel before.

The great thing about the train is that you
don't waste half a day hanging around
because of security checks: you
have to be at St Pancras 30
minutes before departure.

The station Gare Du Nord in Paris is in
a great location so within half an hour
of getting there you're in the thick of
things, not like arriving at an airport
where again you'd waste hours
getting into town.

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