Yesterday I had a physio therapy appointment
at St George's Hospital in Tooting.

My knees have been playing up since late
July and my GP thought best go and see a
physio to find out what's going on.

It turns out the middle bit (patella)
of my right knee has "worn out" so it's
moving sideways as well as up and
down like it normally does,
hence the pain.

A lovely therapist called Helen gave me
exercises to do and I'm going back to see
her in two weeks. I'm also going to get more
anti-inflammatory tablets from my doc;
she prescribed them in July
and they helped a lot.

On the way to the hospital I took a
few photos, have a look on my

Substance Of London page.



It's that wonderful time of the year again
when nature's own Paintshop comes
alive with vivid colours!

Some of the shades are almost ghost like,
transparent, others so bright you need
sunglasses to look at them! Against
the blue sky the hues are
bursting with brilliance.

A few shots from our
neighbourhood here
in SW19.

Please click on the images
to view larger versions.