As much as I love keeping this blog
I've come to the conclusion that
it's time for me to take a
semi-permanent break.

Due to my ill health I find it very difficult to
sit here at the PC and will from now on
pop back to write only about things
worth mentioning, trips etc.

So it's ta-daa for now and I'll
see ya when I see ya!



Apparently I am in the
Premier league.

Today when I'd finished packing my stuff
at the self service till at my local Sainsbury's
an old chap who works there as a helper tapped
me on the shoulder and said: "I don't want to
bother you but I am Croatian and you are
like the twin of the Croatian
Premier! It's amazing!"

I had a look on the net and yeah, I suppose
there is some similarity taking into
consideration she's 13 years older than
me! She looks good for her age
as I hope I do too!

Jadranka Kosor was born 1st of July 1953
in Pakrac. Having previously worked as a
journalist and a politician she became
Croatia's first female Prime
Minister in 2009.


A big thank you to Davie once again for
mentioning my Toyah Interview Archive
and the new videos I've made in his
ever brilliant Dreamscape page.


Otherwise an ordinary Wednesday turned
into a nice surprise: I was most delighted
to hear that for my birthday KB has kindly
booked us on a Eurostar trip to Paris!

My birthday is in the beginning of November
but due to work and other commitments we're
going on the 26th. We arrive early Friday
morning, one night over there and
back Saturday evening.

I've been there before as a teenager so this time
I'm looking forward to an adult trip where I
can sample the local le vin blanc. And
another new thing will be the train,
never been in the channel
tunnel before.

The great thing about the train is that you
don't waste half a day hanging around
because of security checks: you
have to be at St Pancras 30
minutes before departure.

The station Gare Du Nord in Paris is in
a great location so within half an hour
of getting there you're in the thick of
things, not like arriving at an airport
where again you'd waste hours
getting into town.



This gorgeous leather gilet with a fur collar
has been my winter wardrobe number one
favourite since I bought it in
Berska in Lisbon last year.

I thought "at least nobody
over here will have it".

Well, Jane Norman had to ruin things!
I was looking through their new
range and they're selling the
same one!

The "aviator" look is the latest trend over
here so I suppose I've been ever so
fashionable for a year already! :-)



I've had the same old pair of specs for years
and I decided it was time for a change.

Not only that but I've noticed in the last few
months my short distance sight has been
getting worse and worse. I don't
use glasses to read but it is
annoying nonetheless.

So today I had an eye test and yep, the prescription
has changed. I picked varifocal lenses with
"reactions" (they go dark in sunlight) so I
don't have to swap between the normal
glasses and sunglasses all the time.

The frames I picked are called
Leaf, I chose the red ones.

The photo doesn't do them justice actually,
they are stunning and something a bit
different from the plain frames
I've always had.