I sent an e-mail to the Evening Standard letters
page last night (in response to a letter in
yesterday's paper) and they published
it in today's paper:

I rambled on a bit so they've edited it.
Here's the full version:

I live in Colliers Wood SW19, we get our post from
the Wimbledon sorting office. Ever since they got rid
of our regular postman about 2 years ago the service
has gone from bad to worse to ridiculous.

All of our post is at least a week late, some of it even
older. Got a Xmas card posted in Brighton 20.12 today
(11.1) The casuals they employ (we have a different
person every day!) just can't be bothered to carry
anything. When they do it's usually junkmail
but nothing important like bills! Occasionally
you get someone who takes pride in their work
and brings week's worth of post in one go.

The mess seems to be nationwide: I posted 5 parcels
First Class to my ebay customers all over the
country from Scotland to Kent on Tuesday
the 4th of January and none of them had
been delivered by today,
6 working days.

I used to subscribe to 4 different magazines but
cancelled all of them last year because so many
issues went missing or arrived weeks late.
Now I buy them at the newsagents. More
expensive but that's the only choice.

(Like Mr O'Sullivan said) there is no point in trying
to phone the Post Office to complain - nobody
ever answers. I'm just about to write a letter to
them but won't post it. I'll hand deliver it to the
Wimbledon sorting office and will insist on
giving it to a manager as I'm sure the front
of house staff will probably just bin it.

PS: Before the staff at the sorting office loose
their minds, yes, some of you do actually do
the work and carry post but mostly we see the
casuals wandering up and down our street
with a lost look on their faces. The result:
we get maybe couple of bills a week
and some junk mail.

WHY can't we have regular postman anymore?
Who knows his route, who knows the
people and who does the job? WHY?

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