"It is also foolish to climb a tree as black
bears are adroit climbers and you will
simply end up fighting the bear in a tree."

It is not very often I read a book twice but
due to lack of anything super interesting in
the "books to read" pile I decided to return
to an old favourite,
Bill Bryson's
Walk In The Woods.

I'm a huge fan of Bill and have all of his
but the Walk is in the top three.

Once again the wanderlust strikes and
at the age of 44 he decides to tackle
the American wilderness.

Accompanied only by his old college friend
Stephen Katz, Bryson starts out one March
morning in north Georgia, intending to
walk the entire 2,200 miles of

The Appalachian Trail to the
end at the top of Maine's
Mount Katahdin.

The laugh out loud journey includes matters
relating to the trail's history, the surrounding
sociology, ecology, trees, plants, animals
and people as well so not only is it very
funny, it's also educational.

Top job, as usual.

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