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I was determined not to give these dickheads
any publicity but last night it hit a
bit too close to home.

Two shopping centers (The Tandem Centre and
The Priory Retail Park) about 500 m away from
were looted and one of the stores set on fire.
Luckily the fire brigade managed to tackle
the situation quickly before it spread.

I saw kids walking past our house with bags
and bags of stuff from JD Sports and Mothercare,
as much as they could carry. Casually strolling
along, laughing and joking like they had
just done a spot of Xmas shopping.

This morning the streets around here are
littered with discarded plastic bags ripped
off the looted items like trainers. Apparently
there were fights between the thieves over
who gets the best tracksuit bottoms.

Sad. No, beyond sad.

I doubt any of them actually live here in
Colliers Wood, they're probably from
the neighboring white/black
trash areas of Mitcham
and Croydon.

Their own communities need to sort these kids
out. They have no role models, no
fathers, no rules or boundaries,
no respect for anything.

The behaviour of these feral morons is so
mindless there are no words - I'm not
even going to start. The veins in my
neck are starting to bulge ...

The police should've nipped it in the pud
on Saturday in Tottenham with as
much force as necessary.

Sod the "human rights". These animals, as far
as I'm concerned, give up their rights as
soon as they act in this manner.

Should've, would've, could've. Too late
now with lives and businesses ruined.

And what do we get from our leaders? A lot of hot
air and soundbites like "broken society" and
"sick Britain." Stop talking shite,
it's time for action.

PS: Here's a first hand account
from a local journalist

Looters celebrated as Colliers
Wood Tandem Centre burned



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