From 8 weeks to 1 year in 40 seconds.



It's not very often I get super excited about new
music, being the 80's fan that I am! Yet I've
managed to surprise myself by becoming
a fan of the biggest "fame hooker" ever -
(her own words) Lady Gaga!

When she first appeared about three years ago
the music was OK'ish pop fluff but nothing
different to write home about. It also
seemed to be more about the wacky
outfits than the music.

With the new album "Born This Way" she
takes it up several notches - heavy electronic
beats and instantly memorable hooks
which start to swirl around in your
brain immediately.

Also having seen a few live performances
the thing that sets her apart for me from Her
Madgesty, Britney and other contenders for
The Queen Of Pop crown is the fact that
she can actually sing, no lip-synching.
And play the piano.

I'm especially loving the second single "Judas"
not only because it's a great song but also
because the video features the gorgeous
Rick Gonzales (I so would!)
(below with Gaga) as Jesus.

There are two ways to know you've definitely
made it: A) Madame Tussaud's makes
a wax work dummy
of you and B) somebody
can be bothered to do a full blown parody of
your songs. Here's a couple of good ones



Songs called Boom Boom, Da Da Dam,
Ding Dong, Haba Haba, two sets of
twins and an Israeli transsexual.
You couldn't make it up!

Oh yes, it's Eurovision time!

Our boys Blue (below top right) are amongst
others up against Ireland's lunatic twins
Jedward, who, I must admit, actually
surprised me with their confidence
and stage presence in the semi's.

Israel's fabulous Dana International, (below bottom
right) who took the title home in 1998 didn't
sadly make the final. And less said about
the Finnish entry the better.

He's got the honor of singing first in
tonight's final but I bet he's going to
end up at the very bottom!

Weirdly there was another set of twins as well,
TWiiNS, but they didn't
get enough points in the
second semi final.

My favourites are the extremely catchy
"Boom Boom" from Armenia (which
didn't make it) and Denmark's
Tomorrow" (above below left)
which is still in the running.

Lat years winner Germany's Lena is holding
onto her title with both hands hoping to
become the first artist to
triumph back-to-back.

Blue's song "I Can" is easily the best of a
surprisingly bad bunch so let's hope the
lads don't score
nul points but bring
the competition back to our
shores once again.

EDIT 15.5.2011: Azerbaijan (who's singer is
married to a Brit and lives in London!)
won the title, UK's Blue came 11th and
Ireland's Jedward 8th.

Funniest comment of the evening was
by the ever brilliant UK commentator
Graham Norton as usual. When the winner
was announced he worryingly asked:
"Are there any nice hotels in Azerbaijan?"
as of course he has to go there next year!

Blue were super in the final although I
did worry the bulging vein in Lee's neck
would finally pop when he went
into the full Bee Gee's mode!