It's not very often the departure of a telly
character brings a tear to my eye but tonight
my favourite Eastenders stalwart
Pat "The Earrings" Butcher
managed just that.

Like millions of others I've watched the
ups and downs of this tough old
bird for the last 25 years.

Tonight Pat put on her bright pink lippy and her
trademark dangly earrings (a different pair was
always guaranteed in every episode as she
used to get hundreds sent in by fans!)
on for the last time as actress

Pam St. Clement left Albert Square
E20 to enjoy her retirement.

Ridden with cancer and with only days to live
she refused all treatment, climbed
onto a Queen Vic bar stool and
enjoyed her last G&T.

And Pat's all, folks.

EDIT 1.1.2012: Apparently I jumped the gun a bit ...
Pat's last scenes as she lays in her death
bed are in fact broadcast tonight.



This BBC app is great fun: you can
calculate your "number" - where
do you fit into the 7 billion plus
people on the planet?

I was the 3,426,357,677th person to be
born in 1966 and the 77,397,100,597th 
person to have lived since
 history began.

XMAS 2011

This has got to be the best Xmas 2011 image:
'Enders "Shirl" peeling sprouts with a fag
in her mouth and singing "Jingle Bells"