I'm a huge fan of Eurovision and all I can say 
that this year's competition has people 
who can actually sing in it! 

I hope for once they are judged for the music 
and talent, not the gimmicks. 

My ultimate favourite to win is Ukraine's 
"Gravity". Zlata Ognevich's voice is amazing! 

The giant who carries Zlata onto the stage is Ukrainian
Igor Vovkovinskiy who is 2.37 meters (7 ft 8) tall
and wears size 62 shoes (UK size 20)!

Finland's entry "Marry Me" is nice Katy Perry'ish pop 
number. Hope she does well too! 

EDIT 19.5.2013: The results : Finland are keeping 
up the fine tradition of finishing in the bottom 
five, this time third last at 24. Bonnie (UK) rasped 
her way to the 19th spot and my favourite 
Ukraine finished third. The winner is Denmark, 
the song is a bit blaah but not the 
worst in the competition. 

Graham Norton was on form once again, 

three of his best quips of the night: 

"If you don't like two girls kissing ... 
well, you need to grow up"

"If this was singing competition 
they would do well"

(While they were faffing to get the 
winner Denmark to perform at the end) 
"I'm paying waiting time on a taxi so 
if she could sing it now that 
would be brilliant"

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