But one that's been stuck in my head for weeks! 
I catch myself singing it involuntarily 
during housework! 

It's from the bitch fest 2013 otherwise known 
as Nashville. I've never been a fan of country 
music but this TV series has got me hooked. 
I particularly like Connie Britton who plays 
country legend "Rayna Jaymes".


As a part of my Tuesday routine I buy a few gossips 
mainly for the fashion articles as I've no 
idea who half of the "celebs" are and I've 
no desire to know if a Z-lister from TOWIE
is dating a footballer or not.

These mags are obsessed about reporting not 
only who's dating who but the ladies dress sizes. 
Half of the pages are filled with "so and so, used to 
be an 18, now a svelte 10" and one of the things 
I've noticed lately is that the "celebs" seem to 
be different sizes depending which 
mag you pick up - in the same week
 in the same photo.

Here are a couple examples.

In the top photo Mischa Barton in "Now" 
(22.4.2013) on the left - "fab size 12" and in 
"Heat" (20.4.2013) - "dress size 14/16".

Bottom photo Serena Williams in "Heat" 
(27.4.2013) on the left - dress size "14" and 
in "Now" (29.4.2013) - "size 12".

Please click on the photos to see a larger 
version (click on the photo and then 
right click on "view image")

The pics that make laugh the most are the ones 
where the person is clearly 16-18-20, sometimes 
even bigger and the text reads "X has 
slimmed down to size 10".

Do the mags get sued if they report the 
"celebs" real size? Or are the "journalists" who 
write this rubbish just lazy and type the 
first size they can think of?

Well, lazy or not, it's not working - everyone can see 
that some fat porker is clearly not a size 10 (or whatever 
imaginary size they happen to be that week) no 
matter how many cameras you remove! 

Not that any of this matters in the greater scheme 
of things. One thing that should be remedied for 
the sake of young girls who take these things as 
gospel is the fact that size 12 is now considered 
a "plus size" i.e fat in the UK (40% of the female 
population are a size 16 or over)