There's always been one thing that I thought 
would never ever happen in a million years ... 
Kate Bush playing live again. 

Not only is she doing that this year but also, thanks to a 
dear friend, I get to go and see the show in September! 

Unreal and utterly fabulous! We've got seats on the 
balcony which is great, you get a sense of the whole 
spectacle so much better from up there and Kate 
being as theatrical as she is it's going to be 
an amazing show I'm sure.

slightly disappointed there was no material from the first 
four albums ("The Dreaming" is my favourite) but one can
 only assume there's a good reason for it - whether her 
voice can't handle the songs anymore or she 
simply didn't want to rake over old ground. 

The "Before The Dawn" show consists of a few individual songs 
("King Of The Mountain", "Joanni" etc.) before it launches 
into the "The Ninth Wave", the B-side of "Hounds Of Love". 

The songs are weaved into a continuous story about a shipwreck 
and a woman on the verge of drowning with a video screen, 
helicopter effects, lights, smoke and set pieces. Kate sounds 
absolutely stunning and the band & backing singers 
who double as actors are brilliant. 

I must admit I found her son Bertie's nasal voice extremely 
annoying and he is not a particularly great singer. 
There is a scene with him and his father which no amount 
of sympathy for the Bush family will save - it's just naff 
apart from the last two minutes when Kate 
pops up behind the door.

The light effects all through the show deserve a special 
mention, they work beautifully with the songs.

After the interval it's time for "A Sky Of Honey", the B-side 
of "Aerial". It's slow in parts and the endless videos 
of birds get a bit samey after a while but again 
she sounds phenomenal. 

The encores are "Among Angels" with just 
Kate and a piano and "Cloudbusting".

So if I had to give it stars out of five I suppose three 
would be about right. Parts of it are mind 
blowing, other parts a bit ho-hum.

The stage before the show started. Kate has requested
no photos or video to be taken during the show.

The interval curtain.