I'm a huge fan of Tom Hiddleston who has done 
a terrific job of portraying Loki in three of Marvel's 
blockbusters since 2011 ( Thor, The Avengers  

Myself like millions of fans round the world are 
hoping for a Loki spin off/solo film and while we're 
waiting I got inspired and wrote a script! 
Just ... because it was a fun thing to do.

I've taken some elements of the Finnish 
folklore/mythology Kalevala and mixed it with
 the traditional Yggdrasil (The World Tree) 
names who have been the main characters 
in the Marvel films. 

I wanted a female baddie so I made Louhi, the Mistress 
of The North, the Queen of Pohjola, the main antagonist.  
I think Meryl Streep would be perfect in this role!

You can read the script HERE 

This script is a work in progress, a story 
outline and I'm still tweaking it but I wanted 
to put it out there - Marvel, feel free 
to use the ideas in it. :-)

I should point out that the scene set in the 1970's 
is Tom Hiddleston's idea - I wanted to include 
it because he has talked about Loki going back 
in time to that era in many interviews. 


Here are some spoilers from my story: 
Jane is pregnant. Louhi turns out to be 
Loki's mother. Loki dies. 

EDIT: 4.2.2014 I have just watched the 
trailer for the new Angelina Jolie film 
Maleficent for the first time. 

Now ... she is exactly like I imagined "Louhi" in 
my film (right down to the green smoke) but since 
I wrote the script long before even hearing about 
"Maleficent" let alone seeing this trailer - 
the similarities are purely coincidental.